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Simon Cowell teaming with for record search

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Music noble Simon Cowell is fasten army with his TV opposition to find a world’s subsequent record giant.

The dual stars faced off in a ratings fight progressing this year, when Cowell’s The X Factor went head-to-head with The Voice, that facilities as a judge.

However, a span is now putting a adversary behind them in a bid to learn a subsequent record genius, according to The Sun newspaper.

The Black Eyed Peas hitmaker tells a publication, “We’re operative on a plan called X Factor for Tech – and it’s going to be out of this world. Singing and opening emanate a integrate of jobs. But this will emanate lots.”

The uncover will trawl a universe looking for immature people who can denote their technological wizardry.

The rapper adds, “It’s about removing in hold with girl and giving them a height to demonstrate themselves – either that’s in scholarship or mathematics… Simon’s cool. We had a disagreeable cooking a integrate of weeks ago (to plead a show) and it was really nice.”

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Sony buys out Ericsson for 1.05 bn euro

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Tokyo/New Delhi: Technology hulk Sony Corp has concluded to buy out a partner Ericsson from a mobile handset corner try — Sony Ericsson, a understanding that will see a European partner accept 1.05 billion euros ($1.47 billion).

Sony will acquire Ericsson’s 50 per cent interest in Sony Ericsson, creation a mobile handset business a wholly-owned auxiliary of Sony, a companies pronounced in a statement.

As a partial of a transaction, Ericsson will accept a money care of 1.05 billion euros, it added.

The corner venture, shaped in Oct 2001, has been successful with a line of Walkman-branded song handsets and Cybershot camera phones.

However, it seems to have mislaid out to tellurian competitors like Apple and Samsung in a smartphone race. “We can some-more fast and some-more widely offer consumers smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions that seamlessly bond with one another and open adult new worlds of online entertainment,” Sony Chairman Chief Executive Officer and President…

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Psychometric app launched for Scots financial zone jobs New apparatus ‘can assistance …

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

A SMART-PHONE focus that employs psychometric investigate to assistance school-leavers and graduates brand jobs to that they competence be matched within a Scottish financial zone has been grown by vital companies handling in Scotland in partnership with record hulk Apple.

The MyCareerPath “app” has been grown by Scottish Investment Operations (SIO), an attention physique with a membership that includes financial services heavyweights HSBC, Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon, Barclays Wealth and BlackRock. SIO is rising a focus in a arise of investigate which, it says, shows many people do not know what a pursuit in financial services involves and have an “unnecessarily disastrous perception”.

Users of a MyCareerPath tool, giveaway to download on iTunes, are asked to finish a petition that determines a participation of veteran qualities and characteristics including leadership, teamwork ethic, sociability, organization and responsibility. Questions will embody what a respondent would do during a friend’s barbecue.

The “app” afterwards pairs a skill-set of any sold with sold roles in a financial services attention and sets out a education compulsory to get there.

Commenting on a motive behind a launch of a application, SIO said: “Research conducted by SIO identified a stability plea in identifying people formally versed to work in financial services. The study, ‘The Employability Skills Challenge’, pronounced there was an emanate with many people unwell to know what a pursuit in a zone entailed, with many carrying an unnecessarily disastrous perception.”

Last year, SIO introduced a initial veteran gift for investment accountants. A distance-learning version, administered in Scotland, is now accessible to investment attention professionals in a rest of a UK, Eastern Europe, and India.

Alan Thornburrow, arch executive of Edinburgh-based SIO, pronounced a MyCareerPath “app” and a stability growth of vocational courses were instrumental in assisting employers partisan scrupulously competent staff.

He said: “Choosing your career is one of a many critical decisions we will ever make. You can take recommendation from careers advisers, relatives and friends, though eventually it’s down to you. If you’re still undecided, MyCareerPath can assistance we make adult your mind.

“All we have to do is to answer a array of elementary questions. On a face of it, they competence seem to have zero to do with work though they’re designed to exhibit your loyal veteran abilities and motivations.”

Mr Thornburrow added: “One of a questions asks what we would be many expected to do during a friend’s barbecue. Whether you’re assisting people with coats and drinks, station in a credentials chatting with friends or during a frontline flipping burgers tells a lot about your veteran inclinations.

“If you’re matched to operative in financial services, MyCareerPath will tell you. It can afterwards put we in hold with people who can assistance we land your dream job. If you’re not matched to a industry, it could save we a time and bid of anticipating out a tough way.”

John Hogg, a executive of investment government organisation BlackRock and authority of SIO, said: “The ‘app’ can assistance brand fast and well either someone is matched to operative in a industry. It’s a novel approach, regulating a latest interactive record to support us in recruiting a best probable possibilities for any role”.

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Analyst: Can new CEO Whitman hint expansion in HP?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

As struggling record hulk HP announced on Friday a appointment of Meg Whitman as a new boss and CEO, analysts were discerning to indicate out her miss of knowledge in a craving and services sectors where a association is also a vital player.


Whitman, who is also a member of a HP house of directors, is a former CEO of e-commerce site eBay.

Analyst organisation Ovum remarkable in a criticism that HP’s services section has unsuccessful to accommodate marketplace and patron expectations.

“[It] has struggled for years with prosaic to single-digit quarterly income growth, a outcome of a drawn-out and strenuous formation of a EDS acquisition,” it said.

HP has pronounced that services, quite a outsourcing and tellurian smoothness capabilities, will play a vicious partial in a company’s future.

Ovum services analysts Jens Butler and John Madden pronounced that
Whitman lacks knowledge using a tellurian craving IT vendor, though she does have knowledge as an craving IT patron (as CEO of eBay), and understands a value of consulting services (having started her career during Bain).

In a statement, HP also pronounced that Ray Lane has changed from non-executive authority to executive authority of a house of directors. The house intends to designate a lead eccentric executive promptly.

HP pronounced Léo Apotheker “stepped down” as boss and CEO and quiescent as a executive of a company.

“We are during a vicious impulse and we need renewed care to successfully exercise a plan and take advantage of a marketplace opportunities ahead,” Lane said.

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Expect a faster, smarter uptake of cloud computing in Africa

Saturday, September 10th, 2011





A group of 12 executives from tellurian record hulk IBM left Nairobi early final month after a 4 week-long debate during that they helped rise an electronic master devise for Kenya. Last week, a organisation dispatched a comparison clamp boss for IBM Systems and Technology Group to a Kenyan capital. MWAURA KIMANI spoke to him about a firm’s plan in Kenya and Africa, a designed $20 billion value of tellurian acquisitions in a subsequent 3 years and a business sourroundings in a record sector.

This is a second time in as many months that comparison IBM executives are in Kenya to accommodate tip supervision officials among other things . The same is function in other African countries. What is going on?

We wish to get a clearer thought on how IBM can fit into Kenya’s strategies, generally on a electronic front. The realization is that there is a need for some-more partnerships generally with universities to overpass a skills opening and get a right people to exercise such projects. Kenya needs engineers and other experts to chaperon in a electronic masterplan.
IBM is increasingly pulling by deals in infrastructure and program expansion opposite Africa. Please plead some of a company’s vital goals and how Africa fits in?

We’ve been in this segment for over 60 years. We need to build ability among Africa’s people and institutions, including knowledge, record infrastructure, business sophistication and governance. IBM’s Smarter Planet bulletin underpins a proceed to doing business all around a globe. Smarter systems have outrageous intensity in Africa and could residence some of a continent’s biggest hurdles such as energy, water, agriculture, transportation, urbanisation — providing outrageous opportunities for open and private sectors alike.

It is not about holding solutions that have worked good in grown nations and perplexing to force-fit them into situations in Africa. The thought is to investigate a emanate and pierce in technologies, processes and analytics to emanate new solutions.

Whom do we see as your healthy business allies or partners as we pierce into rising markets?

We need some-more engagements with universities to safeguard a regions have a right skills and talents. We need to assistance institutions align their curriculum with marketplace needs in a areas of record such as program development. There is also a need to give universities a tellurian collateral to learn both speculation and practice. Our attribute with a supervision is also pivotal as they find to urge open use delivery. In Kenya, for example, we are looking during how information record such as a use of mobile phones can be used to couple adult adults to supervision services around a clock.The other targets are business partners, generally in a financial and telecommunications sectors. In July, Bharti Airtel and IBM sealed a 10-year understanding to yield extensive IT solutions to a mobile phone company’s employees opposite 16 African countries. What is a swell in a doing of this deal? We’re realigning and consolidating Airtel’s processes in these countries and articulate to them about formulating dual centralised information centres to assistance them run their African operations. Airtel has incited to us to assistance precedence modernized technologies and processes to concede them to stay rival and yield a many appealing and affordable services to their customers. We’re looking during what has worked in India and meditative about what we can replicate here.

IBM talks a lot about a 2015 skeleton for a market… What’s a aptitude of a 2015 model?Our concentration is to grasp a aim of during slightest $20 of gain per share in 2015. A lot of this will be powered by a movement we are saying in expansion regions around a world, and Africa is apropos a pivotal marketplace in that regard. We design expansion markets to minister around 30 per cent of a revenues by 2015 — currently, they already yield about 22 per cent, so we are good on a way. As for Systems and Technology Group, we are assured that by 2015, 40 per cent of a income will be driven by expansion markets.

IBM recently announced skeleton to spend $20 billion on acquisitions between now and 2015; what kinds of businesses are we meddlesome in acquiring?

Software, analytics and program as a services are a categorical targets. Analytics software, that helps companies differentiate by large amounts of information to solve business problems or make predictions, has turn a large concentration area. Our concentration is especially on appropriation some-more businesses in analytics. We have recently acquired dual companies traffic in this area and done dozens of other acquisitions over a past 5 years. IBM has spent over $14 billion on 26 analytics-related purchases. Businesses wish information that is some-more timely and useful, quite if it can feed directly into expansion and profitability.

Comment on a cloud opportunities for record companies — as some-more effort gets changed to a cloud.

Many companies are carrying conversations about how they can use cloud computing to emanate a some-more fit enterprise. Everyone seeks to cut costs and urge potency — cloud is a ideal event to grasp that goal. African countries have a advantage of not carrying too complicated a faith on bequest systems. We can therefore design a uptake of cloud computing to occur on a some-more innovative, and possibly, faster scale than we’ve seen in other markets.

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    Apple fans unhappy as Jobs stairs down, fear for health

    Thursday, August 25th, 2011

    Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:59am IST

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple Inc fans paid reverence to Steve Jobs on Wednesday, though voiced mostly unhappiness during his abdication as CEO and aired their fears for a health of a record giant’s running visionary.

    Jobs, who has been on medical leave given January, will lift on as authority of a association he co-founded in a late 1970s, though it is misleading how most he will contribute.

    “Go out while you’re still on stop – good played, Steve Jobs. Well played,” tweeted a user called Lance Robotson, underneath a hashtag “#fanboy”, a half-mocking jargon for Apple fanatics.

    “Live prolonged Mr. Jobs”, a user called ‘tmizerek’ posted on AppleInsider, a news site for Apple followers.

    “Please God don’t let him be that sick” combined ‘guch20’

    Apple’s go-it-alone truth and neat gadgets have captivated legions of fanatically obsessed, mostly male, supporters over a years. They ceremony a association as a discord of Microsoft Corp, that they perspective as hopelessly clunky and corporate.

    “Not gonna distortion – we teared adult on a #stevejobs news,” pronounced Bob Skrezyna, who goes by ‘wordrebel’ on Twitter. He combined a hashtags #fanboy, #notashamed and #applejustworks.

    “Gonna lay in a darkened room and cry about a Steve Jobs news,” tweeted Will Orchard, underneath a hoop WJFOrchard.

    “I unequivocally wish this doesn’t come opposite as crass, though we don’t wish to see a Steve Jobs obit for a prolonged time,” commented ‘Santoanderson’ on AppleInsider.


    Apple shoppers and employees were reduction emotional.

    At a company’s flagship San Francisco store, a usually pointer something was astray was a integrate of groups of employees, huddled together deliberating a news. They listened by word of mouth, they said, with no grave proclamation by late afternoon to sell workers.

    Some business had already heard.

    Robert Cory, watchful for assistance with a damaged laptop, schooled of Jobs’ abdication from a news warning on his phone. “I feel bad,” pronounced a New York resident. “But Apple will be okay.”

    Other business echoed that sentiment. San Francisco proprietor Erich Blazeski admitted that “Apple is not Steve Jobs”.

    Honeymooning British traveller Stuart Marsten-Smith pronounced that a immeasurable group is concerned in a pattern of Apple products. But Andre Reznik, visiting from Russia, pronounced while things would approaching continue in a same approach for a year or two, he approaching medium- and longer-term changes with a new arch executive, Tim Cook.

    Cook might have to rouse his form in a association if he is to fill Jobs’ shoes.

    “For many of us he (Cook) was only another chairman that filled in for Steve,” pronounced one Apple store worker in San Francisco. The worker combined that there has not been most communication on a theme given Jobs told a association he was going on medical leave in January.

    (Reporting by Poornima Gupta, Sarah McBride and Alexei Oreskovic in San Francisco, essay by Bill Rigby in Seattle; modifying by Carol Bishopric)

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    Weekly News Roundup: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

    Saturday, August 6th, 2011

    Weekly News Roundup: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

    Posted on 06 Aug 2011

    Here are this week’s batch briefings for Dell (NASDAQ:DELL). Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) bonds finished a week during 15.06 (as of 8/5/2011).

    Weekly News Roundup: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

    Tuesday 2 August

    Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has announced a ‘chiller less’ integrated information centre solution.
    In line with a ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), a US formed record hulk Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has introduced a new integrated information centre resolution with a new Fresh Air Technology.

    Forrest Norrod, clamp boss and ubiquitous manager, server platforms for Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) said, “Many organizations, quite those in a cloud services business, are focused on pushing most larger efficiencies in their information core operations. Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) information centre technologies with Fresh Air capability concede for assertive improvements in appetite expenditure and a ensuing operational costs, even in information centers that have already been economized with honour to cooling.”

    Friday 5 August

    IDT has partnered with Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) to benefaction during a 2011 peep memory summit.
    According to an proclamation done by Integrated Device Technology (IDT), it will co-present with Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) on a NVM Express (NVMe) selection during a arriving Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California.

    Kevin Marks, principal operative and record strategist in a Storage Architecture and CTO Group during Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) said, “Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has been pushing a NVMe customary along with companies like IDT given a pregnancy of a NVMHCI work group. The advantages of PCIe SSDs will have a surpassing outcome on craving computing applications.”

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    Microsoft rolls out Office 365 in cloud computing race

    Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

    Microsoft Corp., a 800-pound chimpanzee of a program world, is anticipating it can lift itself into a cloud.

    In rolling out Office 365, a online chronicle of a entire Microsoft Office suite, a Redmond, Wash., record hulk is looking to locate adult to opposition Google Inc. in a competition to pierce business program staying on internal computers to remote information centers permitted from anywhere.

    For a monthly price starting during $6 per user, Office 365 will concede association employees to revise and store Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations online and promulgate with one another around email, present summary or video discuss as they work on projects together, an component Microsoft pronounced would concede workers to get some-more done. Larger companies and those looking for some-more facilities will compensate some-more per month.

    Cloud proponents contend companies can cut costs by removing absolved of their possess servers — that are costly and need visit upkeep and confidence updates — and permitting record firms like Microsoft and Google to hoop a tough work of provision businesses’ computing needs.

    “What happens when Microsoft Office meets a cloud?” Chief Executive Steve Ballmer pronounced during a display Tuesday. “Collaboration happens in further to productivity, anywhere for any business of any size.”

    Though Microsoft has for years had a cloud component to a Office suite, a association has struggled to locate adult to Google in a online program race. The hunt hulk says a Google Apps software, that also includes word processing, email and other business applications, is used by 3 million businesses and 30 million people around a world.

    Still, that series is a tiny fragment of a 1 billion tellurian users Microsoft says it has for a normal Office suite, that for years has been a bestselling product. In 2010, Microsoft’s Business Division, that creates Office, was obliged for 30% of a company’s $64 billion in annual revenue.

    As businesses increasingly buy into a advantages of a cloud, high-profile companies including Google, Inc. and IBM are competing to be a provider of choice. But with a outrageous existent patron base, Microsoft is looking to remonstrate a users that relocating to a cloud will be easier and reduction unsure if they hang with a informed Microsoft Office.

    “The existence is that Microsoft already has these business and should simply be means to keep them,” pronounced Brad Reback, an researcher during Oppenheimer and Co. “Businesses in general, generally with something as vicious as email, are retiring to switch companies like that.”

    Microsoft has already encountered a series of problems with a predecessor to Office 365, called BPOS (for Business Productivity Online Suite). The BPOS complement has seen a series of outages in new months, including a three-day duration in May when many business had to wait adult to 6 hours to accept emails. Microsoft after told business it had “not been timely adequate with information” about a system’s status.

    A flurry of hacker attacks in new months has also renewed questions about a disadvantage of information stored online. In cloud computing, information from many companies can reside on servers during a singular information center, potentially permitting hackers to conflict mixed targets during once.

    As shortly as Microsoft announced Office 365 on Tuesday, Google went on a descent with a blog post entitled “365 reasons to cruise Google Apps.”

    “Upgrading platforms and adding facilities formula in systems that are increasingly formidable to conduct and formidable to use,” a post started. “At times like these, it’s value deliberation a purify slate: an proceed formed on wholly complicated technologies, designed for today’s world.”

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    Google Unveils App for Paying With Phone

    Friday, May 27th, 2011

    On Thursday, a record hulk introduced Google Wallet, a mobile focus that will concede consumers to call their cellphones during a retailer’s depot to make a remuneration instead of regulating a credit card. The app, for a Android handling system, will also capacitate users to redeem special coupons and acquire faithfulness points.

    Starting this summer, a wallet will be accessible on a Nexus S 4G phone on Sprint and means to reason certain MasterCards released by Citibank. It will also reason a practical Google Prepaid MasterCard.

    The mobile wallet will work during any of a 124,000 merchants that accept MasterCard’s PayPass terminals, that take contactless payments, and some-more than 300,000 merchants outward a United States. The wallet is powered by a record called near-field communications, that is incorporated into a chip in mobile phones and sends a summary to a merchants’ terminals.

    “Eventually, we will be means to put all in your wallet,” Stephanie Tilenius, clamp boss for commerce during Google, pronounced during a news conference.

    That grand prophesy will take a while to come to fruition. Various players have been operative on mobile wallets for years, nonetheless they have not gained traction since a companies have not been means to determine on how they would be paid or who would control a wallets. Cellular carriers, banks, credit label issuers, remuneration networks and record companies all have a interest in this battle.

    With a wallet, Google skeleton to make income by charity consumers promotions as they shop. For instance, it skeleton to deliver “Google Offers” — promotion deals from internal and online businesses that can be found online or sent by a phone. Like Groupon, Google will collect a price from participating retailers any time a chairman redeems a coupon. Citibank will collect a same fees as it would in a normal credit label transaction.

    Google Wallet will need some time to turn entirely organic nationwide. While Google has worked with some-more than 15 retailers, like American Eagle Outfitters, Bloomingdale’s, a Container Store and Jamba Juice, they all need to ascent their remuneration terminals. When they do, consumers will also be means to store and redeem deals with a wallet. Merchants in New York and San Francisco are approaching to be prepared this summer.

    Once a retailers’ record is in place, consumers will be means to call their phone during a checkout opposite and, in one swoop, discounts will be applied, faithfulness points will be awarded and payments made. Someday, Google said, when consumers enter a store, their phones might offer adult a list of equipment they recently bought, and offer them associated discounts.

    The wallet app itself will need a PIN, as will any transaction. The remuneration certification will be encrypted and stored on a chip inside a phone.

    Google emphasized that a wallet would be open to all businesses and invited other banks, credit label issuers, remuneration networks, mobile carriers and merchants to work with it.

    “I design that other remuneration networks and other banks will join this effort, nonetheless in some cases it will be a sidestep plan they occupy along with their possess mobile remuneration initiatives,” pronounced Charles S. Golvin, an researcher with Forrester Research. “Since these payments implement a same underlying business indication as cards today, there is not poignant intrusion risk for these players.”

    Google is also operative with First Data, that processes payments and will safeguard a confidence of a transaction.

    If a phone was stolen, a credit cards inside could be remotely disabled. Consumers would have a same “zero liability” for unapproved exchange done with their phones as they would with cosmetic cards.

    Separately, PayPal filed a fit on Thursday opposite Google and dual of a former executives who are now during Google, including Ms. Tilenius. The fit claims that they wasted trade secrets from PayPal’s mobile-payment business. A Google orator declined to criticism since he pronounced they have not nonetheless perceived a duplicate of a complaint.

    Eventually, Google said, a wallet might be means to reason most more, including automobile keys and airline boarding passes. But entrance to such equipment will still need a entirely charged phone.

    If a phone battery dies, even Ms. Tilenius of Google conceded, “I consider we need to use your cosmetic during that point.”

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    MTS sets adult information centre in Noida for Rs 35 cr

    Friday, April 22nd, 2011

    Sistema Shyam TeleServices Ltd (SSTL), that operates underneath MTS brand,  said it has set adult a information centre in Noida for Rs 35 crore that will assistance in cost effective appetite utilization and information security.

    “The information centre has been built by record hulk IBM.

    It is MTS”’ third information centre in a nation after identical set ups in Chennai and Jaipur. The association has invested over Rs 35 crore in a latest information centre,” a association pronounced in a statement.

    “This latest set adult would yield procedure to a MTS information focused plan and is in line with a skeleton to incursion into cloud computing services segment,” MTS India Chief Information Officer Rajeev Batra pronounced in a statement.

    The applications in a centre would be in common and fall-back mode between Chennai and Noida for extended patron experience, it said.

    The information centre has intelligent BMS (building government system) for turn a time monitoring and notice in sequence to have effective appetite utilization and security, it added.

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