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Morning Security Brief: Sharing Biometric Data, TWIC Errors, Bay Area Copper …

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011


►The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a revised biometric customary in Nov that expands a apportion and form of data common internationally to brand victims and solve crimes. This is a initial general customary for a sell of DNA data. The customary also defines how to mention and share a geo-positioning coordinates of biometric representation collection.

►TSA recently released a notice that 26,000 Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards won’t work with label readers since they were improperly encoded. TWIC cards concede travel workers unescorted entrance to secure areas.“Due to a label prolongation complement error, a series of characters in a FASC-N on some TWICs was condensed (truncated), causing readers to not commend a label as a current TWIC,” TSA said. All cards released before Apr 5, 2011, could potentially be affected. TSA says it will reinstate these cards during a cardholder’s ask during no cost and has supposing a list online of a impacted label numbers.

►The San Francisco Chronicle examines the arise in copper burglary in a Bay Area. A BART movement devise was behind 10 months after thieves stole hundreds of thousands of dollars’ value of steel from a site. In Vallejo, city officials pronounced thieves nude copper from 77 travel lights, withdrawal tools of a city in darkness.

► A State Department review of U.S. guns sole to Mexico in 2009 found that some-more than 26 percent of guns finished adult in a “wrong hands.”► The initial defence from a Hutaree Militia member came on Monday when Joshua Clough pleaded guilty to weapons charges. The company members were arrested final Spring after a devise to kill a law coercion officer afterwards launch a vast scale conflict during a successive wake was detected by authorities. ► And a Michigan male was condemned Monday to 6 months in jail after he remotely hacked his internal library’s Internet vigilance to download child porn to his computer.

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