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Sonnet upgrades xMac mini Server; Apricorn announces Velocity Solo X2

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Sonnet Technologies Inc. this week announced that a xMac mini Server, a PCIe 2.0 expansion
system for Mac mini computers with Thunderbolt ports, is USB 3.0 compatible. Apricorn Co. final week
announced a Velocity Solo X2 as partial of a Velocity Solo Desktop SSD Upgrade line.

Sonnet announces USB 3.0 harmony for xMac mini Server

says a xMac mini Server is designed to “transform a Mac mini into a bone-fide expandable
rackmount server,” when a mechanism is mounted inside a specifically designed 1U rackmount enclosure
containing dual PCIe
2.0 slots that bond to a mechanism around a Thunderbolt port.

The association says a product is designed to be used as a back-office RAID server; a metadata controller;
or mobile shelve for audio, on-location video or other media projects.

The USB 3.0-compatible xMac mini Server is accessible now for $1,295. Sonnet will also offer
existing xMac mini Server business an ascent with a deputy wire kit. The kit, which
replaces a existent USB 2.0 cables, is labelled during $39.95 and is approaching to boat in

Apricorn announces new Velocity Solo X2

Apricorn final week announced a new chronicle of a Velocity Solo Desktop SSD Upgrade line, the
Velocity Solo X2 card. The association says a Solo X2 offers data
transfer speeds
of adult to 550 megabytes per second with a singular solid-state expostulate (SSD) and up
to 800 MBps with dual drives.

The card, that uses a Marvell
9182 chipset, allows users to supplement an SSD to their desktop system. The Velocity Solo X2 also
provides an additional Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or Serial ATA III information connection
that can be used to bond to another SSD or tough hoop expostulate to yield stretched high-speed

The Velocity Solo X2 is accessible now for $99.

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Macquarie Telecom impresses forward of information centre scrap

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

David Ramli

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ASX Announcements

8:29:45 AM

Management Briefing to Analysts

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Preliminary Final Report

8:27:16 AM

Full Year Statutory Accounts


Full Year Earnings Guidance Upgrade

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Sydney-based information centre and telecommunications provider Macquarie Telecom has gratified analysts and a marketplace with a 10.6 per cent boost in net profits, who pronounced a association will face increasing foe for information centre customers.

In formula announced to a Australia Securities Exchange on Thursday, Macquarie Telecom pronounced net distinction would arise to $19.6 million year on year. It also reliable an gain superintendence ascent released in late July.

The outcome was welcomed by analysts. In a note released by RBS Morgans a researcher Nick Harris pronounced Macquarie Telecom’s formula were forward of initial forecasts.

But he also pronounced a second half division of 12¢ per share was 1¢ next his expectations and that a marketplace was anticipating for a bigger payout given a company’s clever money position.

“It was a high peculiarity outcome with clever handling money flow,” he said. “The FY12 payout ratio was 25% and … during 25% prompts a doubt of what MAQ’s skeleton to do with a remaining money balance.

“MAQ stays a high peculiarity value investment, trade on only 3.4x FY13 EV/EBITDA, agreeable 3.5% entirely franked.”

While Macquarie Telecom is well-positioned to gain on a latest information centre in Sydney, Intellicentre 2, it is also confronting rising foe from rivals that embody a US-based organisation Rackspace that rigourously launched a internal trickery yesterday.

Its nation manager pronounced he was looking to go conduct to conduct with internal players like Macquarie Telecom and that a Australian marketplace was reduction rival than abroad markets.

Rival listed information centre provider NextDC is also fast expanding a footprint in collateral cities around a country, though it provides tender space for business to store their apparatus since Macquarie Telecom operates infrastructure as a service.

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OWC Announces First SSD Upgrade Solution for New Retina Display MacBook …

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Other World Computing announced currently a OWC Mercury Aura Pro as a industry’s initial high-performance Solid State Drive ascent for 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement (rMBP) computers.

Available in 480GB capacity, a 6G (6Gb/s) SandForce Driven Mercury Aura Pro offers rMBP owners 87.5 percent some-more ability than a bureau 256GB model. Additionally, business shopping a $579.99 MSRP Aura Pro approach from OWC until Sep 30, 2012, will after accept a OWC Envoy Pro USB 3.0 bus-powered unstable enclosing (a $59.95 value) for re-tasking a rMBP’s bureau peep procedure as an outmost expostulate during no additional cost.

OWC “Unlocks” a Factory Capacity Limit
When introduced this past June, a MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement bottom indication offering a 256GB SSD pattern with no ascent option. Now, instead of being “factory locked”, rMBP owners can supplement 87.5 percent some-more ability with a 480GB Mercury Aura Pro SSD. The usually other and distant some-more dear and time-intensive choice for rMBP owners, as detected by The SSD, is to ascent a SSD by an certified dealer. Making this an even reduction fascinating choice is a fact that a strange 256GB peep procedure is defended and sent behind to Apple.

Pricing, Availability
The Mercury Aura Pro for 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina arrangement is accessible immediately on a pre-order basement for $579.99 MSRP with shipping to embark on/about Aug 21. Orders placed approach with OWC by Sep 30, 2012, will accept a OWC Envoy Pro USB 3.0 bus-powered unstable enclosing (a $59.95 value) for re-tasking a rMBP’s bureau peep procedure as an outmost drive. The outmost Envoy Pro enclosing will be shipped alone to all subordinate business by a finish of 2012.

“We’ve perceived poignant user feedback that 256GB only doesn’t yield adequate
capacity for this appurtenance and in fact, some users have maxed out a factory
drive space,” pronounced Larry O’Connor, CEO, Other World Computing. “Offering nearly
double a ability along with a ability to reuse a bureau expostulate as a high
speed outmost expostulate is an unbeatable multiple ascent value.”

Read More [via 9to5Mac]

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Six Degrees buys Datahop, skeleton network upgrade

Monday, May 21st, 2012

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Move over, Segway, Honda introduces a Uni-Cub

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

LOS ANGELES — The people inciter has gotten an upgrade: On Tuesday, Honda announced a new Uni-Cub, a personal mobility device that lets we slip around a bureau or a aquarium perched absolutely on what looks like a rabble compactor on wheels.

Like a Segway, a Uni-Cub allows a supplement to control it simply by changeable her weight forward, behind or side to side.

Unlike a Segway, it is tiny adequate to be used indoors.

A promotional video for a Uni-Cub shows thin, appealing people regulating it to slip down bureau hallways and in and out of elevators.

It looks really elegant, though one wonders because these skinny appealing people need a mobility device in a initial place.

Another esteem indicate for Honda — when sitting on a Uni-Cub a supplement is only next eye turn of many pedestrians and only above eye turn of someone seated on a normal chair.

“This pattern promotes peace between a supplement and others, vouchsafing a supplement transport openly and absolutely inside comforts among relocating people,” a association pronounced in a news release.

The Uni-Cub is not on a marketplace yet, though Honda pronounced it will start contrast a device in Jun during Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery and has a limit speed of about 4 mph.

The Uni-Cub also has a nifty circle pattern — Honda calls it a Honda Omni Traction Drive System — that allows a device to pierce brazen and side to side with a tiny two-wheel configuration.

The question, of course, is who would wish such a thing. Because there is no chair back, a Uni-Cub does not seem to be a deputy for a mobility scooters we see comparison people regulating in grocery stores.

And new news on plumpness creates it flattering transparent that we should all be walking more, rather than less.

Los Angeles Times

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Bajaj Auto – Uncertainty labelled in, Upgrade to BUY – Emkay

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

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West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033,
Tamil Nadu, India

copyright 2005 – 2011

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Windows 7 done easy: Optimize for improved performance

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Windows 7 done easy: Optimize for improved opening

Unlike excellent wine, your PC is doubtful to get improved with
age. Remember how it was when we initial booted adult your Windows
7 machine? That initial responsiveness gets degraded over time, as the
PC becomes bogged down with commissioned programs and temp files,
not to discuss probable malware. Let us uncover we how to revitalise your

Before we review further,
you should check that your complement is as present as possible. This
means regulating
Windows Update to implement a many recent
drivers and bug fixes.

Tip 1: Turn off a eye candy

Translucent potion windows and live previews for your open windows are
all flattering cool, but while a Windows Aero desktop experience
is visually appealing, it does accurate a fee on your graphics card. If
you’re regulating an comparison laptop or PC that is struggling to keep up, (find
out a recommended hardware mandate here)
it might be a wiser choice to spin off a eye candy. If you’re still
unsure either your PC can hoop it, we can always spin off Aero and
see if there’s any alleviation in complement performance.

To do so, open Control Panel and select Performance
Information and Tools. Click Adjust visible effects on a left sidebar
and you’ll get a dialog box shown below:

If you’re not certain that visible effects to capacitate or
disable, name “Adjust for best performance”. (Credit: Screenshot by
CNET Asia)

We suggest that we select “Adjust for best performance”, that will
uncheck all a Aero options. 

Tip 2: Remove new programs and revoke number
of startup apps

Given a ability of tough drives nowadays, it’s all-too-common for
users to implement their programs and games and forget all about them,
even when they are no longer needed. Storage however is not a issue,
as these programs do finish adult adding grow to a Windows Registry, which
may impact your altogether complement responsiveness. We suggest that you
run Disk Cleanup, that removes
unnecessary temp and complement files and clears your Recycle Bin. You
should also manually uninstall any new programs from the

Once we have private these programs, we can also make your computer
boot adult faster by shortening a series of startup apps. Click on the
Start symbol and form “msconfig” in a hunt bar. This will open the
System Configuration dialog box. Select a Startup add-on for a list of
programs that will foot adult automatically when we start a PC. Uncheck
those programs that aren’t required, such as a DVD essay software
or media player. Some pivotal programs that should sojourn embody the
antivirus application, cover trackpad drivers and audio controls.

We suggest disabling startup programs that we don’t
use on a daily basis. (Credit: Screenshot by CNET Asia)

Tip 3: Upgrade your RAM and get an SSD

For Windows 7 machines, 2GB of RAM is a smallest for an adequate level
of performance. Most mainstream laptops today competition during slightest 4GB and
quite a few have some-more memory. Since we cannot upgrade a
processor or graphics label by yourself, augmenting a complement memory is
an easy approach to urge a opening of your machine. Even for
desktop PCs, it is mostly some-more affordable to ascent a RAM than other
components. Of course, we shouldn’t go overboard here–for many users,
you’re doubtful to need some-more than 8GB.

Prices of SSD have depressed gradually over a years. It
could be time to deposit in one. (Credit: Screenshot by CNET Asia)

If we do have a cash, removing a solid-state expostulate (SSD) to replace
your tough expostulate is substantially a best ascent for your PC. They are
based on peep memory record and do not use any relocating parts. They
are reduction energy inspired and will not humour from automatic disaster like
a normal tough drive. It will also have some-more impact on altogether system
performance and responsiveness than an incremental processor or
graphics label upgrade.

Prices have been descending solemnly over a past
few years, yet SSDs with 256GB of storage or some-more sojourn costly.
Users are compensating by carrying a smaller, reduction costly SSD for
Windows and other critical applications, while storing their media and
other information on a customary tough disk. This arrangement means they can
reap a speed advantages of an SSD and still have sufficient storage for
their files. 

Tip 4: Defragment your tough disk 

Keeping your tough expostulate defragmented is something we hear utterly often
when it comes to PC maintenance. And for good reason. A tough expostulate is
made adult of captivating platters with a automatic arm that reads a data.
When a complement (and tough drive) is new, programs and other information are
written in a consecutive conform on a platter, that creates entrance fast
since a subsequent information bit is adjacent to any other. There’s less
physical stretch for a tough expostulate reader arm to cover.

However, over time as files get deleted and programs are combined or
removed, this consecutive arrangement gets disrupted. Hence, a reader
arm has to burst between opposite tools of a platter to get to the
right pieces and bytes. In addition, proxy files and cached information also
contribute to a slowdown.

If an SSD is out of your reach, we can still get good
performance by frequently defragmenting your tough drive. (Credit:
Screenshot by CNET Asia)

What defragmentation does is to file a information created on the
magnetic platter so that associated files are grouped together, improving
the speed of information access. Depending on a distance of your expostulate and how
much of it is filled, this might be an overnight process. We suggest
making this during slightest a monthly practice to keep your appurtenance in tip-top

Tip 5: Keep your complement malware free

Performance concerns come in a apart second when compared with the
damage that spyware and viruses can cause. However, it’s still worth
mentioning here. Like tellurian diseases, antagonistic module can not only
cause harm, though also siphon adult your complement resources while doing so.

Get a good antivirus module and frequently run complement scans. There are
many able giveaway versions out there, including Microsoft’s Security Essentials. But don’t go
overboard and start installing mixed antivirus module in hopes of
better protection. They will finish adult opposing with any other and
result in an even reduction secure complement while negligence down your complement at
the same time. For some-more information, we can also review our
on how to secure your PC.


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a comment
on Aug 18, 2010

u can change that to shutdown, the changeable.


a comment
on Jul 8, 2010

I have a humorous problem. Instead of shutdown, on my Acer 4736G, we have Restart. Please tell me why???

a comment
on Aug 18, 2010

u can change that to shutdown, the changeable.

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OWC Announces 6Gbps SSD Upgrade for 2011 MacBook Air

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Other World Computing, that offers many customization and ascent options for Macs, currently expelled an SSD upgrade for 2011 MacBook Airs that takes advantage of a MBA’s SATA Revision 3.0 abilities and offers 6 Gigabits of intensity throughput.

The bureau SSD from Apple usually supports SATA Revision 2.0, that maxes out during 3 Gbps, half a speed of Revision 3.0.

The new OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G SSDs mix award-winning SandForce technologies and Tier 1/Grade A Toggle Synchronous NAND to broach information rates that are some-more than 3x faster and capacities that are adult to 4x larger than bureau accessible SSD options. Currently accessible in dual sizes–120GB and 240GB–the new 6Gb/s SATA 3.0 Revision models continue OWC’s position as a usually choice to bureau SSD options for a 2010-2011 MacBook Air.

The upgrades don’t come cheap, however. The 120GB chronicle is $349.99 and a 240GB chronicle is $599.99.

The MacBook Air comes customary with 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage.

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OWC 8GB Memory Modules ‘Supercharge’ 2011 Apple MacBook Pro & Mac mini with …

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Other World Computing (OWC®), a heading 0 emissions Mac® and PC record company, announced currently that a in-house MaxRAM™ tested and accurate concordant OWC DDR3 1333MHz 16GB Memory Upgrade Kit ‘supercharges’ 2011 Apple® MacBook® Pro and Mac mini models by doubling a Factory limit offering memory. The OWC 16GB Memory Upgrade Kit, now labelled during $929.99, joins existent renouned OWC memory ascent kits for MacBook Pro and Mac mini models including a 8GB Memory Upgrade Kit labelled during $71.99, that offers assets adult to 70% compared to a same sized Factory commissioned 8GB option.

OWC DDR3 1333MHz 16GB Memory Kits now $979.99,
8GB Kit Priced during $71.99 Offers Savings adult to 70% Versus Factory 8GB Option

8GB 12GB Options also Available for MacBook Pro and Mac mini – adult to 32GB for iMac

OWC Memory Upgrades Up To 16GB for 2011 Apple MacBook Pro and Mac mini models, adult to 32MB for 2010-2011 iMac immediately available:

•        OWC 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Kit (2 x 4GB memory modules) – $71.99

•        OWC 12GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Upgrade Kit (8GB + 4GB memory modules) – $499.99

•        OWC 16GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Upgrade Kit (2 x 8GB memory modules) – $929.99

•        OWC 24GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Upgrade Kit for iMac 27″ i5/i7 usually (2 x 8GB + 2 x 4GB memory modules) – $999.97

•        OWC 32GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Upgrade Kit for iMac 27″ i5/i7 usually (4 x 8GB memory modules) – $1847.99

OWC creates it easy to name a memory ascent adult to 96GB for any sold Apple computer. For 2006-2011 MacBook and MacBook Pro models, visit:

For 2005-2011 Mac mini models, visit:

For 1998-2011 iMac models, visit:

For all other Apple Macintosh models made over a past dual decades, including iBook, PowerBook PowerMac, and MacPro, visit:

OWC Offers More Memory Choices For OS X Lion Users
While Apple’s central smallest RAM requirement for OS X Lion is 2GB, attention experts determine 4GB of RAM is a smallest that should be commissioned for best opening of standard daily mechanism usage. For some-more modernized uses such as graphics production, A/V editing, and/or using a practical machine, 8GB to 16GB of RAM is rarely recommended.

OWC MaxRAM Lab Confirms Performance And Compatibility
By progressing a possess lab ( with a industry’s many endless collection of Apple Macintosh computers usually second to Apple itself, OWC is singly positioned to rise memory ascent kits that broach limit capacity, performance, and savings. OWC Memory Upgrade Kits are engineered with reward peculiarity components and are entirely tested and approved to meet, if not surpass, all Apple memory pattern and harmony specifications and come corroborated by a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty. To see all a OWC MaxRAM configurations that surpass Apple’s strictly upheld maximums, visit:

Checkout With Amazon For Exclusive Limited Time Savings
Consumers can use their existent Amazon comment to suffer disdainful present assets of adult to $50.00 on subordinate orders placed by OWC’s website. In further to a present rebate, consumers can also accept a 5% remission directly from Amazon on competent purchases. For some-more information on these singular time income saving programs, visit:

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IDC: Retrofit, Renovate or Upgrade – The expected trail for Australia’s finish user …

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011






More Destinations…


The FINANCIAL — Sydney, Australia. Although a supply side of a Australian datacentre
market is sepulchral with around $2 billion in investments announced in
the initial 6 months of 2011, a direct side is an equally energetic and
transforming market.

IDC’s recently expelled “A Demand-Side Survey of a Australian Datacentre Landscape” shows that distinct a co-location, hosting, and cloud use providers (SPs) building out enterprise-level Greenfield datacentres, finish user organisations that possess and work a trickery are set on a trail of retrofitting, renovating, and upgrading.

“Although a Australian end-user datacentre landscape is dominated by a high volume of server bedrooms and closets, a infancy of IT spending goes into a rarely strong commission of craving and mid-tier facilities,” says IDC comparison analyst, Trevor Clarke.

“Whilst we are witnessing poignant change in a supply side of a marketplace with some immeasurable bets being placed by datacentre SPs in 2011, a direct side will pierce during a slower gait and many organisations will ascent existent comforts instead of building new in a subsequent 3 to 5 years.”

IDC’s investigate shows datacentre age, power, and cooling will continue to be pain points in Australian end-user organisations and that a immeasurable infancy will demeanour in to rack-, system-, and facilities-level solutions to retrofit, renovate, or ascent their existent facilities.

“There are only over 90,000 end-user organization datacentres in Australia and a normal age of these comforts is 7.7 years,” pronounced Matt Oostveen, associate executive during IDC. “There is still a noted opening between a infrastructure we place in a datacentres and a approach we conduct it, that can be in partial explained by a subdivision of IT and comforts functions.”

“Convergence of a IT and comforts departments is function in some on-going organisations, though serve formation is compulsory for larger efficiencies to be realised,” pronounced Oostveen.

IDC defines an craving trickery as a primary server plcae for an organisation. This is a really immeasurable room mostly in additional of 5,000 sq ft and has modernized cooling systems, surplus power, and is stable by mixed levels of earthy and digital security.

“The Public and banking, finance, bonds and word (BFSI) sectors make adult only 18% of all datacentres in Australia though comment for over 53% of all IT spending,” pronounced Clarke. “The mid-tier and craving comforts within a open and BFSI sectors consecrate reduction than 1% of a sum series of datacentres opposite a nation though surprisingly make adult some-more than 35% of all IT spending going onto a DC floor, or only over A$1 billion for 2010.”

The recently published report, “A Demand-Side Survey of a Australian Datacentre Landscape” is an research of a formula of a consult of end-user organization datacentre owners in Australia and paints a design of a inhabitant comforts landscape formed on endless modelling.