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Azlan creates Violin play

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Understanding craving HDD cost complexity

While sales decline, OEM prices are adult though channel prices are down

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6 Reasons Solid State Memory Is The Biggest Story In Computing

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Guest post created by Narayan Venkat

Narayan Venkat is VP, product management, during Violin Memory.

Narayan Venkat

Make no mistake: a remarkable bang in solid-state storage is no peep in a pan.

Storage systems formed on solid-state peep memory now contest directly opposite normal systems regulating spinning tough drives for goal vicious jobs in information centers, quite during financial institutions and Web companies. Venture capitalists and vital investors have been injecting collateral into a market, fueling a plain shave of multimillion dollar acquisitions. Fusion-IO, that creates peep accelerators for servers, hold one of 2011’s many successful IPOs.

Arguably, we’re witnessing a biggest change in a attention given tough drive-based systems nudged fasten storage into a background.

But since is it function now? And since is a acceptance of flash-based systems occurring so rapidly? Flash memory, after all, isn’t new: Fujio Masuoka led a group during Toshiba that invented peep in a mid-’80s. Flash stays a customary in mobile phones for and consumer wiring and manufacturers have constructed peep memory chips in vast volumes for years.

The hard expostulate attention hasn’t strike a plateau either, formulating a opening for peep to fill. Drive manufacturers have continued to pull a gait of creation in their industry. Both tough drives and flash, in fact, will both expected grow fast over a subsequent decade.

Some analysts believed that we’d see a outrageous uptick in peep notebooks years before plain state memory came to a information center. Instead, a retreat happened: here are 7 reasons why.

  • Latency

A check of a few microseconds in a batch trade can meant millions of dollars lost. Fast response time is one of a reasons Google, Twitter and Facebook business sojourn happy. Soon, you’ll see those fast-growing cloud storage companies like Box, Carbonite and Dropbox needle any other about speed and greeting time. Eliminating latency is also a base strategies of networking and computing companies such as Luxtera and SeaMicro (now partial of AMD).

Flash is inherently faster during many information retrieval tasks than drives. Up to 95 percent of a latency can be reduced. Drives are automatic inclination with motors and relocating parts: peep operates with electrical signals. To grasp a rival corner in speed, business need peep arrays and accelerator cards.

  •  Technology

Flash wasn’t designed to go into information centers. Flash, in fact, shouldn’t even exist. Flash chips store information by inserting (or extracting) electrons into a silicon dioxide, or glass, cell. It is a homogeneous of putting liquids into a thermos by a wall. Electrical engineers demeanour behind during a invention of peep as a vital achievement.

The stresses caused by this process, though, have meant that peep chips historically have lived brief lives. That’s not all. The protocols for essay and erasing data, as good as monitoring for errors or opening optimization, can devour several computing cycles if not scrupulously managed. Simply swapping in peep memory for required tough drives in a mechanism or enterprise-class storage complement can lead to worse performance.

To get around these problems, some peep systems companies have designed program and/or semiconductors from a belligerent up. These new technologies can minimize a series of read-write cycles peep memory chips in a storage array contingency endure, thereby fluctuating a life from several months to several years, or conduct a chips in a approach to by-pass over-use. They can also report “janitorial” tasks that peep chips contingency perform to equivocate glitches in performance. If we wondered since my association is called Violin Memory, now we know: it’s since a record conducts an band of semiconductors.

  •  Inertia and The Innovator’s Dilemma

If a advantages are so tremendous, and a technological solutions to a stipulations of peep aren’t far-fetched, how come determined storage powers like NetApp, EMC and IBM didn’t get their first?

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International Computerware, Inc. (ICI) and Violin Memory Announce Strategic …

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., March 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — International Computerware, Inc. (ICI), a tellurian endowment winning infrastructure consulting firm, has currently announced it has stretched a infrastructure and cloud solutions portfolio by partnering with Violin Memory to move what enterprises truly desire, storage opening as good as slicing corner IT solutions.  With Violin Memory’s attention heading Flash Memory Arrays and ICI’s rarely acclaimed consulting organization, it has never been easier and cost effective to accommodate a primary storage needs of opening databases and virtualized environments.

Violin Memory is a provider of one of a world’s fastest and many scalable peep Memory Arrays, and offers high opening and rarely accessible primary storage solutions to a customers. When we have a product so efficient, a correct consulting and doing can make a vital impact on business results.  ICI’s consulting methodology nCubed Now, Next, Nirvana brings a whole resolution together providing clients with an executable highway map formed on years of formation knowledge and egghead collateral as consultants.

Today’s applications are formulating aloft final on normal infrastructures – quite storage – and pushing a need for a some-more fit use formed expenditure model.  Traditional hardware is singular in addressing a mandate of this burgeoning model.  ICI’s nCubed methodology, a consultative proceed of aligning infrastructure processes and technologies with vital business objectives, is assisting organizations to accommodate ever-changing marketplace final and to take advantage of a loyal use formed expenditure model.

“We are in a midst of a technological renaissance, a new commencement of technological creation that is accelerating during a gait never seen before.  In a consumer driven I.T. world, a fast provisioned, rarely reliant, and scalable opening formed expenditure indication is during a forefront of ICI’s nCubed discussions,” pronounced ICI Partner, and Executive Vice President of Technology Solutions, Jamie Shepard

Mr. Shepard goes on to say, “Take desktop virtualization for example, not usually are foot storms and AV storms causing a aria on stream storage architectures, so too are a large login storms that distant out import a aforementioned and are stalling a widespread adoption of desktop virtualization.  Certain applications in healthcare, life sciences, and financial services need a some-more unchanging and arguable use turn for opening and availability.  These final can be addressed by adding a peep memory array to a equation.”

There are many advantages of aggregating peep memory into an array formed pattern that is not encumbered by ancillary automatic tough drives.  Flash memory arrays yield a systems turn pattern approach; easy peep memory usually and not retrofitting a resolution into a bequest storage system. The primary advantage of this form of pattern is density, serviceability, and postulated performance; furthermore, given peep modules do not have a same heat, vibration, or harmonic characteristics that are fundamental to automatic drives, some-more modules can be implemented in a smaller footprint.

“We are vehement to be operative with one of a heading resolution providers embracing a silicon mutation of a craving information center,” pronounced Ken Hoppe, Vice President of Worldwide Channels, Violin Memory “ICI brings a story of peculiarity and creation to modernized information core pattern enabled by a peep Memory Array, redefining what is probable with loyal opening storage. ICI can now assistance business innovate next-generation information centers by integrating Violin Memory’s high-performance storage solutions.”

Violin has a singular approach, architecture, and model, that clearly demonstrates to CIO’s that Violin has listened and understands a mandate required to accommodate storage I/O opening and a flourishing final in a information center.

Violin is a initial association to total peep as an craving storage solution, over only a cache strategy. Widespread adoption of a company’s record in a information core is being driven by Big Data, Mobile 4G, Social Commerce and Cloud Computing.  With 27 years of consulting and doing experience, ICI has grown with and continues to innovate a attention for their customers, and this partnership is a covenant to this fact.

About ICI

International Computerware, Inc. (ICI) is a tellurian endowment winning infrastructure and cloud consulting and services organisation founded in 1985. ICI’s concentration is patron enablement by routine driven record solutions and methodology. Utilizing a proven consulting methodology nCubed Now, Next, Nirvana, ICI is providing a clients with answers to infrastructure hurdles designed around ICI’s egghead collateral as consultants and immeasurable formation experience; built on best-of-breed technologies. As a personality and dignitary in Infrastructure Consumption modeling, ICI is serve enabling clients to comprehend a consumption/service formed computing indication with a vCcubed offerings – a flexible, cost effective, and rarely leveraged proceed to actualizing a private, public, and hosted cloud computing models. We are focused on enabling your Journey to a Cloud. For some-more information, revisit and follow @ICIAmerica on Twitter.

About Violin Memory, Inc.

Violin Memory is pioneering a destiny of Flash memory in a craving information core with Memory Arrays that accelerate business vicious applications and capacitate enterprises to virtualize and optimize their IT infrastructures. Specifically designed for postulated opening with high reliability, Violin’s Memory Arrays scale to hundreds of terabytes and millions of IOPS with low, spike-free latency. Founded in 2005, Violin Memory is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For some-more information about Violin Memory products, revisit and follow @violinmemory on Twitter.

International Computerware, Inc.
Jessica Lavoie
Marketing Associate


SOURCE International Computerware, Inc.

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Fusion-io IPO, Violin Memory appropriation gets money for solid-state vendors

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Fusion-io, that sells solid-state
to Facebook and others, finished a initial open charity (IPO) and non-stop trading
on a New York Stock Exchange this week. The Fusion-io IPO lifted $237 million.

Fusion-io, that sells flash memory on PCIe cards,
became a initial information storage association to turn open in a final 3 years. It began trade at
$19 a share late Wednesday and sealed Thursday during $22.50 per share. According to a filing with the
SEC, Fusion-io had $126 million in income for a 9 months that finished Mar 31, adult from $25
million in a same duration a year ago. Fusion-io mislaid $1.2 million in that time after losing $19
million in a same duration a prior year. Fusion-io pronounced 47% of a income during that time
came from sales to Facebook. Apple is another vast Fusion-io customer.

Fusion-io competitors embody Intel Corp., LSI Corp., Micron Technology, Samsung Electronics,
OCZ Technology Group, Seagate Technology, STEC, Toshiba Corp. and Western Digital Corp.

Violin Memory closes $40 million appropriation round

memory array
startup Violin Memory sealed a $40 million Series C appropriation round, giving it $75
million in appropriation in 2011. CEO Don Basile likely his association will transcend $100 million in
revenue this year. Violin’s products embody a 3200
Flash Memory Array
, a 3140
Capacity Flash Memory Array
and a vCache
NFS caching
device built on record it acquired final year from Gear6. Violin didn’t name the
investors in a round, though pronounced they embody “some of a largest open companies” in the
computer industry. Previous investors embody Toshiba America and networking businessman Juniper

Scality RING extends intent support

Scality upgraded a RING Organic Storage software, adding support for millions of namespaces
per cluster and tens of billions of files per namespace, as good as involuntary tiering and enhanced
management. RING is a height for long-term storage of unstructured objects managed by cloud

CommVault, Dell combine on information insurance in practical environments

CommVault Systems Inc. and Dell Inc. pronounced they have total to broach a Converged Virtual
Infrastructure Building Block anxiety design consisting of CommVault Simpana software, Dell
PowerEdge Blade servers, EqualLogic storage and PowerConnect networking devices. The building block
is designed to yield information protection, liberation and influence in virtual environments.

RainStor, Dell take on large data

RainStor pronounced Dell will resell a information influence database to support solutions such as
application retirement and ingestion and influence of machine-generated data. RainStor has created
a special chronicle of a RainStor repository that’s integrated and optimized for a Dell DX Object
Storage Solution.

Emulex introduces Implementer’s Lab for storage networking

Emulex Corp. denounced a Implementer’s Lab, an online technical apparatus that provides best practices for
network I/O doing for deploying information storage and server solutions. Emulex is also making
three how-to guides accessible for a Implementer’s Lab: Deploying 8Gb/s Fibre Channel with HP
BladeSystem and VMware vSphere
, Deploying OneConnect 10GbE Adapters for iSCSI with VMware
and Using OneConnect 10GbE Adapters with VMware vSphere.

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