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The Future of Computers: Voice Recognition

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Highest Rated Articles of a Last Week

Vormetric Hosts Federal Computer Week Webcast with Former CIA CISO on …

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Click to Tweet: Join former
#CIA CISO, @FCWnow, Vormetric Nov. 29 to Debunk Five #CloudSecurity



Robert Bigman, Former CISO, Central Intelligence Agency and
boss of 2BSecure, a secretly hold information security
consulting firm. During his 30 year reign with a agency, Mr.
Bigman perceived countless awards and approval for innovations in
IT security. He architected a indication information confidence program
for a U.S. Intelligence Community, shabby Intelligence
Community and U.S. Government information confidence policy, and
briefed congressional committees and presidential commissions. He is
now focused on assisting organizations feat developments in
information technology, such as cloud computing and large data, while
ensuring egghead assets, data, and systems are stable from
cyber threats.


Derek Tumulak, Vice President, Product Management, Vormetric. Mr.
Tumulak has some-more than 15 years of product supervision and engineering
knowledge in a information confidence industry. Previously he
served as Vice President of Product Management for SafeNet and
Ingrian. He binds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer
Engineering from a University of Waterloo in Canada.



Organizations are looking to daub a on-demand computing power,
analytics, applications, and large storage offering by a cloud.
The Office of Management and Budgets (OMB) released a “cloud-first”
process compelling cloud computing. Yet swell is slow, given many
don’t entirely know and trust cloud
systems to strengthen their information or safeguard compliance
with federal
and state
regulations. In this Federal Computer Week (FCW) webcast, Robert
Bigman will display a misconceptions and exhibit stairs enterprises and
supervision agencies can take to secure information in a cloud.
Participants will learn:

— The impact of virtualization and cloud computing on information security
– reduction a 5 myths

— Why hackers perspective cloud hacking as different, not harder

— Why regulations including FISMA and FedRAMP make excellent
starting points, though don’t go distant enough

— The purpose of encryption
in mitigating risk and best practices for preventing information exposure



FCW webcast delivered to your desktop.



Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST



To report a review with Derek Tumulak, hit Marc
Gendron during or
781-237-0341. To register for a webcast visit:


About Vormetric

Vormetric (@Vormetric) is
a personality in information confidence for physical, practical and cloud
environments. Some of a largest and many confidence conscious
organizations and supervision agencies in a world, including 16 of the
Fortune 25, have standardised on Vormetric solutions to yield strong,
simply docile information security. Vormetric Data
products yield a single, docile and scalable solution
to conduct any pivotal and encrypt any file, any database, any application,
anywhere it resides— but sacrificing focus opening and
avoiding pivotal supervision complexity. Vormetric record has previously
been comparison by IBM as a database
resolution for DB2 and Informix on LinuxTM,
Unix® and Windows; and by Symantec to yield a Symantec Veritas
NetBackupTM Media Server Encryption Option. For more
information, revisit

Vormetric is a heading of Vormetric, Inc. All other names mentioned
are trademarks, purebred trademarks or use outlines of their
particular owners.

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Six Madison area companies to accept record growth loans

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Nine Wisconsin companies, including 6 in a Madison area, will share in a sum of $2.25 million in financial support from a Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

Technology growth loans, trimming from $70,000 to $500,000, were announced Wednesday by a public-private organization.

“On a heels of Global Entrepreneur Week, we wish companies to know that a state is here, prepared to assistance them start adult and grow in Wisconsin,” pronounced Lisa Johnson, WEDC clamp boss of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Local companies receiving supports are:

• Murfie, Madison, $500,000 — Digital song archiving and sharing.

• SoLoMo Identity, Madison, $250,000 — Identity government technologies for amicable and mobile applications.

• Stealth Therapeutics, Madison, $250,000 — Developer of a Invisiport, a reduction invasive pier for long-term, intravenous treatment.

• PerBlue, Madison, $200,000 — Social and mobile gaming software.

• Stablebody Technologies, Madison, $75,000 — Technology that stabilizes a structure of antibodies used for therapeutics or diagnostics.

• Modern Movement, Waunakee, $70,000 — Patented aptness products.

Murfie co-founder and arch executive Matt Younkle pronounced his association was compulsory to come adult with private, relating funds. He pronounced a income will be used to boost Murfie’s selling efforts, raise a website and pursue partnerships that will enhance a record to other platforms.

Companies outward Dane County receiving a loans are: Magma Flooring, River Falls, $500,000; Super Vitamin D, Eau Claire, $250,000; and Aurora Spectral Technologies, Milwaukee, $160,000.

The loans, that are not forgivable, operation in length from 4 to 6 years, WEDC orator Tom Thieding said.

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Etisalat wires adult a country

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Etisalat has pumped Dh15 billion (US$4.08bn) into creation a UAE one of a many connected nations on Earth, a association pronounced on a initial day of a Gitex Technology Week in Dubai.

About 3 million kilometres of fibre-optic cabling have been commissioned opposite a country, carrying high-speed broadband, radio broadcasts and voice calls.

Despite a complicated cost a association was nonetheless to make a poignant lapse on a investment, pronounced Saleh Al Abdouli, a arch executive for Etisalat in a UAE.

“No earnings have been done nonetheless from a fibre-optic network by Etisalat,” Mr Al Abdouli told a Wam news agency. “But with this achievement, we contributed to a routine of tolerable growth in a UAE and achieved network readiness.” The Dh15bn cost is significantly aloft than Etisalat’s formerly reported investment on a infrastructure.

Last year, a association pronounced it had invested Dh6bn in both a high-speed 4G mobile information network and a fibre-optic connections.

But a aloft figure also includes a cost of joining a categorical fibre-optic cables to particular homes, Etisalat told The National.

The UAE’s largest telecoms user has operations in 15 countries opposite a Middle East, Africa and Asia. Yet Etisalat’s general ambitions have suffered several setbacks over a past 18 months.

The association this year withdrew from India after losing a looseness to work there, and in Sep pronounced it had reduced a interest in a Indonesian operation. Etisalat’s negotiations to acquire opposition actor Zain Group collapsed final year.

Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, a organisation arch executive of Etisalat, pronounced a organisation was not looking to exit any other markets.

“We are really happy with a general operations, even Africa,” pronounced Mr Julfar. “So we are not going to exit any markets.”

Etisalat pronounced in Sep it had lifted Dh1.87bn by offered shares in a Indonesian mobile user XL Axiata. It retains a 4.2 per cent interest in a company, that Mr Julfar pronounced a association skeleton to keep “for a time being”.

Etisalat is not now looking to enter any additional unfamiliar markets, and doing so in a destiny would “depend on marketplace conditions,” Mr Julfar said.

Mr Julfar was vocalization on a sidelines of a Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, that started on Sunday.

Representatives of other informal telecoms companies were in assemblage during a event, that is using parallel with a ITU Telecom World 2012 conference.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, a authority of Qtel Group, used a eventuality to lifted a emanate of high roaming charges for mobile phone subscribers.

“As operators, we contingency repair a problem of general roaming charges,” he said.

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Cisco shows intelligence

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Cisco is demonstrating pivotal aspects of a ‘intelligent networks’ during GITEX Technology Week.

The association has live demos of a portfolio including information centres, virtualisation, borderless network and partnership to uncover how intelligent networks can renovate business.

Cisco, in partnership with a unite partners Emircom (data centre and Virtualisation partner) and B-Smart, will showcase a several solutions underneath a thesis ‘Intelligent Networks Transform Your Business’, opposite 8 demo areas. It will inspect how organisations can strap a energy of intelligent networks to facilitate and speed adult a deployment of stream and destiny technologies to expostulate business transformation.

The 8 areas are: networked healthcare; networked classroom; networked banking and retail; partnership in a box including Cisco’s web conferencing solutions; defense, hit centre; Cisco Capital, and Home Networking Business Unit (HNBU). Rabih Dabboussi, ubiquitous manager, Cisco UAE, says: “Technology events in a segment yield us with good platforms to come together, showcase the new capabilities and many importantly accommodate and network with the intensity customers.”

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52-Week High Hot Stocks (Citigroup Inc, Altria Group Inc, General Electric …

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Los Angelas, CA — (SBWIRE) — 10/12/2012 — Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) is not usually staying bullish during these scattered times, though a organisation believes that a U.S. marketplace will outperform tellurian bonds by 2013. U.S. equities have been upgraded to Overweight from Neutral says a note expelled late Wednesday, and a organisation downgraded Japanese equities to Underweight from Overweight. Shares of Citigroup, Inc. (NYSE: C) are trade during $35.52 and is +8.94% of a 50-day Moving Average cost of $32.606 and +17.57% from a 200-day Moving Average cost of $30.2109. The normal trade volume is 34430100 shares and a marketplace capitalization is $104.2B.

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Altria’s (NYSE:MO) long-term cost of collateral is around 6%, or 2 commission points over a primary rate of a 30-year treasury, and a association was forced to steal during high rates to financial a merger of US Tobacco since a buyout was timed during a financial collapse. If Interest rates arise several commission points, a association will approaching need to buy down debt, and a 80% payout ratio will extent management’s ability to boost destiny dividends. Altria has lifted a division by scarcely 8% a year over a final 5 years, though a company’s cost of collateral is now aloft than a dividend. Altria had to recently revoke a company’s superintendence from $2.17-2.23 to $2.01-2.08, and a association has lifted a division by an normal of 7% a year over a final several years notwithstanding a company’s net income consistently being prosaic since of lawsuit settlements.Altria Group, Inc (NYSE:MO) reported EPS of 2.164. For a Current Fiscal year, a association is approaching to news EPS of 2.21. For a Next Quarter and Next Year, a association is approaching to news EPS of 0.55 and 2.38 respectively. At Current Market Price, MO is in stretch of -3.44% from a 50-day Moving Average cost of $33.876 and -2.20% from a 200-day Moving Average cost of $33.4473.

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General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has a price-to-earnings ratio of 18.1 compared to a attention normal of 16.7. Its 52-week operation is from $14.68 to $23.18. However, a group ROE of 9.8 is distant next a attention average. The company’s debt/equity is also adverse during 1.9, compared to a attention normal of 0.8. The association needs to be intensely advantageous in handling a financials, as a debt is roughly twice a turn of a equity. GE‘s beta of 1.59 illustrates how a company’s products are wholly demanding-dependent, and that changes in tellurian direct are approaching to severely impact this company. The prices of General Electric Company ( GE ) shares have reached $22.54, that is 0.3% of a 52-week high of $22.61. General Electric is one of a largest and many diversified industrial companies in a world. General Electric Company has a marketplace top of $228.02 billion; a shares were traded during around $22.54 with a P/E ratio of 15.2 and a P/S ratio of 1.6. The division produce of General Electric Company bonds is 3.2%. General Electric Company had an annual normal gain expansion of 10.3% over a past 10 years.

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Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU, Earnings, Analysts, Financials): Engages in a make and offered of semiconductor inclination worldwide. Market top during $5.86B, many new shutting cost during $5.76. An researcher day hosted by Micron will be hold Oct 12, 2012.The US formed association did good on a trade floors. During a final day trade MU sealed $ 5.76 after augmenting scarcely 0.09%. The Company’s 52 week operation remained $ 5.06 to $9.16 with a marketplace capitalization touching $5.86 billion. The Company’s monthly share cost sensitivity is 3.11% while in resources turnover rates a ROA remained 8.81% with a lapse on equity during 11.64%. However, a company’s stream share cost is above a 52 week low of 13.83% and next a 52 week high by 37.12%. The Company binds scarcely 1.02 billion shares superb while a shares boyant touches scarcely 990.09 million.

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Neither nor a owners, operators, affiliates or anyone disseminating information on a interest is purebred as an Investment Advisor or attorney play in any office whatsoever and nothing of a information supposing by, owners, operators, affiliates or anyone disseminating information on a interest should be construed as investment recommendation or an investment recommendation. creates no recommendation that a bonds of a companies profiled should be purchased, sole or hold by people or entities that learn of a profiled companies by Investing in bonds is suppositional and carries a high grade of risk and no investment should be done unless we can means to remove your whole investment. It is probable that an investor’s whole investment might be mislaid or marred due to a suppositional inlet of a companies profiled. Please deliberate a attorney before purchasing or offered any bonds noticed on or mentioned herein..


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ANGLER Exhibits the Products & Services @ GITEX Technology Week 2012

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

ANGLER Technologies, a heading IT solutions provider has announced a appearance during Gitex Technology Week, scheduled to start from 14th to 18th Oct 2012 in Sheikh Saeed Hall underneath a India Pavilion during Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. As a unchanging member for a 7th unbroken year, ANGLER skeleton to showcase a endless operation of cutting-edge program products and applications for visitors meddlesome in a technologies.

Our array of IT solutions designed for Exhibiting embody worldly high-end applications in a fields of E-Commerce Solutions, Corporate Instant Messenger, Time Attendance Software, E-Learning Solutions, Content Management System (CMS), CRM Helpdesk, HR Solutions, Mobile Applications, Smart Card Solutions, bespoke program development, Web Design, Product Demo CBT’s, UI Design, Multimedia and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and many more.

ANGLER carrying decade of knowledge in providing innovative product and program solutions opposite a whole value chain, finds GITEX, Dubai as a good height to showcase a new capabilities and many importantly make both existent and potential, wakeful of a fragrance of services offered. Our continual appearance has enabled us to be wakeful of a needs of a attention in this partial of a continent and we are certain of a good formula of this exhibition.

We have a government from both a Indian HO and Regional ME offices in a case to correlate with customers, dealers, partners and peers in a industry. It gives us a possibility to know their requirement, get first-hand feedback about a product use offerings and also assistance us rise a roadmap that figure business business needs into a resolution vision.

Leveraging a pioneering prophesy and state-of-the-art technologies we have successfully finished a series of projects belonging to this a segment and has perceived substantial repute for building rarely polished program products and applications that offer different attention needs. Register with Us Online and Get Free Tickets to accommodate us during GITEX Technology Week 2012 between Oct 14th – 18th and see how ANGLER could be of value further and would supplement a lot of movement to your business.

We demeanour brazen to accommodate a existent business and strengthen a attribute with channel partners and signing on new business and partners during Stand No. S1- A2 during Sheikh Saeed Hall and try a tailored product and program resolution offerings.

To know some-more about ANGLER’s appearance in GITEX 2012, greatfully revisit

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Social Media Week meets Occupy Wall Street

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Social Media Week kicked off currently in 14 cities on 5 continents, with this, a seventh biannual event. With some-more than 400 seminars focused on a thesis “Empowering Change Through Collaboration”—one inspired directly from a Occupy Wall Street protests—there’s firm to be some exhilarated discussion.

“The thesis is designed as a call to action, permitting people and organizations around a universe to try how amicable media empowers citizens, increases mobility, enables mass collaboration, develops hyperlocalism, maximizes society’s interconnectedness, fosters believe creation, and bolsters leadership, and encourages heightened tellurian empathy,” pronounced a statement from a organizers

SMW’s founder, Toby Daniels, who kicked off a try in 2009, non-stop currently in Bogota, Colombia, with a keynote on a “10 Principles for a More Open, Collaborative and Connected World.”

The array of seminars this year stretched to embody a School of Emerging Media Technology in partnership with Skillshare, an preparation startup founded in 2009 contracting collaborative training in a form of hybrid classes.

To review some-more about how a new propagandize says it helps entrepreneurs overcome a miss of business skills, click here for an talk with William Allen of creation showcasing startup Behance, founded in 2006, and a first clergyman during a school.

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PC Deal Of The Week – ASUS X54C – About

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Image Courtesy ASUSTek

While tablets are all a fury in computing products, there are still a series of things where a normal laptop mechanism can do things that a inscription cannot. With a arise of computing energy too, many people don’t need most in terms of a mechanism to do all a things they wish to. In fact, there are full laptops accessible that can indeed be some-more affordable than some tablets. Take for instance a ASUS X54C-NS92 from NewEgg for only $350. This 15-inch laptop might be deliberate vast these days though can do a pursuit only fine. It facilities an Intel Pentium B960 twin core processor, 6GB of DDR3 memory, 320GB tough drive, twin covering DVD burner, 15.6-inch display, 802.11b/g/n wireless and Windows 7 Home Premium. It even facilities a USB 3.0 pier that many bill laptops still lack.

Disclaimer: All deals are those advertised by a tradesman in doubt and might have rebates or other conditions of squeeze for a products. Please be certain to review all disclaimers from a seller before purchasing.

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Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Sept. 15

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

    The Kraken supercomputer housed during Oak Ridge National Laboratory, with a cabinets ornate with a distinguished painting of a gigantic squid, is now ranked 21st in a Top 500 machines. (Photo: Rich Miller)

    For your weekend reading, here’s a summation of 5 notable stories that seemed on Data Center Knowledge this past week. Enjoy!

    Oak Ridge: The Frontier of Supercomputing – The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility is on a limit of supercomputing, forging a trail toward “exascale” computing. The information core houses 3 of a world’s many absolute supercomputers, including a appurtenance that looms as a once and destiny aristocrat of a supercomputing realm. DCK recently had a demeanour inside a Oak Ridge information center.

    Go Daddy: Network Issues, Not Hackers or DDoS, Caused Outage – Go Daddy says this week’s use outage, that caused endless downtime for customers, was caused by depraved information in router tables, rather than an outmost conflict or hack. Routing tables a database of information about network destinations.

    Loudoun: 5 Million Square Feet of Data Centers, More to Come – There is scarcely 5 million block feet of information core space in about 40 comforts in “Data Center Alley” in Ashburn, Virginia, according to Buddy Rizer, Assistant Director for Economic Development in Loudoun County. ”This attention has helped expostulate one of America’s good mercantile growth success stories,” pronounced Rizer.

    Intel Outlines Low-Power Processor Roadmap during IDF 2012 – Chipmaker Intel this week laid out extended strategies to energy all from a largest information core to a smallest device. At a 2012 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, a association updated a highway map for a processor market, including muscular cores, wimpy cores and processor developments or high opening computing (HPC).

    With an Eye on a Street, Equinix to Become a REIT – Equinix skeleton to modify to a genuine estate investment trust (REIT), a pierce that might make a company’s shares even some-more appealing to investors, a association pronounced today. The colocation provider says a acclimatisation will have no impact on a information centers or services, though will concede a association to compensate distributions to shareholders.

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